This is my dads work photo.Thats him on one of Reyrolles Boring Machines. He worked at Reyrolles for 48 yrs & sadly died in 1995.

Remember Leslies Sportsfield? this photo was taken looking towards old Clegwell in 1956

A 1959 photo taken in Pyro Accounts office

A Hebburn rock'n'roll band in 1957

Reyrolles long service awards in 1978. My dad Billy Dunn is on this one for 40 yrs service

Reyrolles Hydraulics Department office Staff in 1970

A 100 yr old photo showing a Reyrolles trip to Alnmouth in Northumberland in 1906.

In 1979 reconstruction work in Reyrolles rediscovered this secret access to a hidden room underground.

Reyrolles girls in 1965 after they'd said goodbye to a workmate who'd emigrated

Some Reyrolles tennis players in 1964

Reyrolles Transformer Room girls possibly around WW2 time

Reyrolles new typing school in 1965