Jarrow 'Baths' after modernisation.

Croft Tce Coronation Party in 1937

MNI Staff in there Park Rd office 1951

Belsfield girls in 1947

A lovely 1901 photo of the Chapel of the Good Shepherd which was sandwiched between Park Rd, Kent St & Surrey Street. Surrey St 1901

Jarrow Higher Grade Schoolgirls in the early 1900s. The school was renamed 'Central School' later

Mrs McClorry with her daughters (One handicapped) in Jervis Park 1931

St Marks Church people possibly wartime. My wifes Gran is on this photo

Another St Marks photo possibly taken at the time of the Vicar leaving in the 40s.

A pre 1913 pic of the little Methodist Chapel in Monkton Village with part of the Slagheap behind it.

Belsfield schoolgirls in the summer of 1947

A pre 1913 pic of the Methodist Church that stood on Ellison St/Edgar St corner