John Black 1950s photo of three young girls Gwen, Joan & Pauline in the old Clegwell School grounds (Its now Bedewell School)

Bernard Hannah who I've known forever loaned this early 60s photo of him, Geordie Green & the late Tommy Attwell down London on there Motorbikes

Another Bernard Hannah photo showing him in his group about 1957/58.

George Hill generously sent this postcard showing St Aloysius church & part of the School when it was only twenty odd years old in about 1912

Another from George Hill showing the inside of St Aloysius before the Lady Altar was built. The church opened in 1888 & the photo is abt 1912..

George Watt kindly sent me this 1955 ish Hebburn Methodists 'Fellowship of Youth' photo from Joan Yeoman & he's even pointed out some names.

Another John Black photo of Hebburn children outside there Pre-Fab home in the 1950s. Remember those Prefabs down the Colliery?

John Blacks photo of Mrs Thompson, Charlton & Turnbull in Spencer St probably in the 1950s

John Black's Hebburn Vics photo of Pop Richie & Mrs Richie at a presentation.

Ian Turnbull sent me this photo of the Air Training Corps GB Football team in 1947 with Hebburn lad Walter Montgomery in it.

John Hillis who died recently is on this photo showing NCB Trainees abt 1962.These lads went on to various Collieries after training.

Maria Scott nee Carrahar loaned this photo of her dad at the Franklin St/Nansen St reunion. Carrahar's lived beside the Granary 'down the Colliery'.

Vic cyclist Tom Green pedalling hard in the 50s/60s & he still gets around on his bike. Tom has kindly contributed photos for this website