A walk into Hebburn Park in 1962 with the Boer War memorial & cannon straight ahead

Roy Beckitt with his mates in the Clapps in 1971

This photo has been dated at 1904-5 by Andy Ketchen who saw it as he checked this website.He also passed on the names of the family members.

Thanks to Pauline & Colin Veitch who bought a Hawthorn Leslies book then loaned me it to copy the photos that I've added to this page.

Another one from the Veitch's old book bought specially so I could copy the photos from it. How generous was that?

Hawthorn Leslies fabrication shop from the Veitch's book

A Tanker under construction at Leslies called the Kayeson. Note the tiny figures working on it

Hawthorn Leslies aerial view showing Ellison St, part of Lamport & Hood St & the remains of 'C' Pit Heapstead

Roy Beckitt's dad at the Power House in an Accordion Band. He played the Hawaiian guitar

Roy Beckitt's photo down the Colliery of Uncle Rubin Warwick with his mates nicknamed the 'demons of the mine' in 1926

A photo I've just bought showing young boys outside St Oswald's Church about 1910 probably curious about the man with the camera .

My uncle Terry loaned this photo of local lads undergoing NCB training early 1960s