Another Coronation party pic in William/Cuthbert St back lane 1953.Mary Kane is beside the Flag. Margaret Harris 1st right

The local women at there 1953 Coronation party in William St lane.Agnes Beckitt is one name I have.

Quay School children in 1949 at Edinburgh. Some possible names are R Snaith, A Wright, F Butcher, G Morl,

A smiling Peter Atkins in 1957 Hawthorn Leslies

Peter's photo of the 36,000 ton Royal Fleet Auxilliary tanker 'Olna' being launched from Leslies 1965 NOT 1966 as on photo

Peter's photo taken in Palmer's looking towards Leslies

Palmer's big dock with a Polish 'Collier' being constructed in it

Another view inside Palmers looking towards Leslies

Peter on his motorbike in William St backlane 1956. The two ladies are walking up Ellison St

Peter on his push bike in William /Cuthbert St lane 1955 ish with a rare shot of 'The Gem' in the background

Peter & his mother May Atkins in 1966 outside the family run Off Door shop on William St/Ellison St corner

Palmer's big dry Dock with the Polish 'Collier' under construction inside it.