Helen McLoughlin kindly scanned this & 3 other photos on this page for friend Phil Taylor. This is St Aloysius boys leaving school 1961.

Another school photo from Helen showing 14 yr old boys in 1962. The boy 3rd left back row is Phil who kindly loaned Helen the 4 photos.

Helen's fourth photo from Phil showing more children at that Pyro Xmas Party in 1956/57.

Helen sent this photo from Phil showing the children at a Pyro Xmas Party 1956/57

Local army cadets marching up Park Rd during the VE Day celebrations in 1945

Pipers leading the VE day parade up Park Rd in 1945. Hebburn man Mr Campbell was one of the Pipers

Part of the crowd of onlookers in Park Rd 1945, happy that the war has ended at last & that we won it.

Melanie Rundles photo of Nana Keegan's wedding, Charles St 1926. Melanie says does anyone recognise the others on photo?

The Ferry on the Tyne & we think its off Jarrow in the early 1900s.The Postcard seller says it was used in 1903 not 1930

June Trotter & Trevor Munro in 1950s Hedley St. June was a neighbour of my parents & lived in Coniston Ave,

Jacqueline Oughtred kindly sent me this lovely old photo plus the next one from her Clegwell days. It was taken 1954/55 & she's named everyone.

A second lovely old photo from Jacqueline taken at Clegwell showing the girls in the school Lab in 1954/55.