Bill Sinclair borrowed this photo for me from Ken Bushell. Recognise anyone?

Ron French sent me this photo of the remains of Hebburn 'B' Pit in the back garden of there old house in Black Rd.

Dave Gill photo of Leslies dry dock with a WW2 Cruiser awaiting restoration work as a museum piece.

Hebburn Newtown School children about 1930

Val Bailey who lives in Wardley loaned this photo of Reyrolles's Cricketers in 1933. We think Will Helsby is 3rd rgt front row.

Another Mill lane photo from Dave Gill

Mr Reyrolle with his employees at Redcar in 1912

J Mannigham's photo of Hebburn Colliery School kids out on a School trip in 1963.

Colliery School boys in 1963 waiting to go off on the Trip, posing against the old School wall

Norman & Jim Manningham with friends from the Colliery School on that Trip out in 1963 Blanchland.

Jean Maughan photo of her late husband on a Reyrolles trip to Richmond where they had a day looking around then on to the Working Mans Club.

An aerial view of St Aloysius school & church, The Clinic, Courts, Police Station & the 'County' Hotel