All 13 photos on this page kindly loaned by Gordon Mitchell who still lives in Jarrow. This photo shows Beech St in 1997.

Looking up Bedeburn Rd from the old Albert Rd junction in 1997

Looking into Croft Tce from Kent St in 1997. The junction you can see is Bedeburn Rd.

The Co-op offices on the corner of Albert Rd and Hill St in 1997, where people went to cash there 'Divi'. I can still remember my mams 27128

South View 1997, which looks onto the park & just off Park Rd. The bridge over the lines into Northbourne Rd was along at the end.

A nice 1997 photo of 'The Cottage' pub

A photo of Elm St in 1997 taken from Albert Rd.

Holly St in 1997 taken from Albert Rd.

Hill St looking towards the railway bridge in 1997

1997 Edith St with Albert Rd at the top just in view

The 'Golden Lion' pub in 1997

Caroline St in 1997. That's Albert Rd at the top

1997 Borough Rd