Doug Noble's 1962 photo of bowler's outside the old Hawthorn Leslies Pavilion.

Doug's photo showing bowler Peter Tallack being presented with the Shield he'd won in 1962

Ann Dickinson photo of her dad aged 5 in 1927 at the Newtown School. Her dad is on the next three photos which go upto 1930.

Ann sent this photo of Newtown school children in 1928 aged about 6

Ann's photo of Newtown School children in 1929 age about 7

Ann's photo of Newtown School children in 1930 age about 8

Ann's 1955 photo taken in the Hut Jessie Ives rented at the entrance to the Powerhouse.

Ann's photo shows her doing a solo performance in the Dene bandstand 1952-53.She was in Jessie Ives's dancing school

Ann's photo of Hebburn Free Masons possibly 1920- 30s.grandfather J Dickinson is 3rd left back row. J Tungate is on photo. He had a shop on Station Rd

Another D Gill photo showing him with his Clegwell class mates

Roy Beckitt's lovely old photo of his Gran Ellen awaiting a Concert in Hebburn Dene 1950s

Doug Noble's photo of Hebburn Veteran's Bowlers in 2004

Mr Black's photo of him & his wife Pauline with friends in Hebburn Park 1950s

Roy Beckitt's photo taken in Frobisher St lane showing his little sister Jill being looked after by Pat Dixon 1962

Roy Beckitt's lovely little sister Jill out with her Pram in Frobisher St Lane 1963.

Maureen Bruce nee McClennan photo of Reyrolles Nuclear Power office dinner around 1959.