Norman Shaw born in Tennant St this whole page of photos. This one shows his Aunt (Teacher) Lottie on a St John's Sunday School outing 1918 ish

Norman's parent's wedding at St Johns in 1926

Baby Norman Shaw with local children outside his home 102 Tennant St in 1934.

Norman's photo at a St John's Church garden party abt 1909.Gran Elizabeth Anderson is 5th from rgt back row. Mary & Lottie her daughters are in pic

This photo shows Norman's mother Mary Anderson at School 1905. He thinks it is the Newtown School but it could be the Weslyan School in Glen St.

Normans photo of the Weslyan School in Glen St. More names are J Taylor, N Anderson, N Shaw, N Singleton,

Norman's photo of sister Elizabeth's Newtown School Class in 1934

1938/9 photo.Some names are Mr G Kellet,Miss E Wardle,F Baker,N Singleton,J Taylor,I Hogg,N Anderson, N Shaw,D Kircup,N Flynn,A Popay, V Thackeray,

A lovely photo off Norman taken in Victoria Rd East looking towards the traffic lights around the end of the 1940s

Norman's photo of the children camping close to the Newtown Club near North Farm Rd in 1935.

A lovely photo taken in Bygate St nursery in 1936.Connie Cameron age 3 is on the photo & she married Norman 20 yrs later

Norman's photo of Reyrolles management staff in 1923. What a boon to Hebburn that Company has been over the years.