Maureen Bruce nee McClennan kindly sent me this & the next three photos of Jessie Ives dancers at the Powerhouse

Another photo taken in 1948 showing Jessie Ives dance school girls at the Powerhouse

Maureen's third photo of the dancing school but this one was taken 1946/47

Last one of Maureen's collection of dancers trained by Jessie Ives in the big hut at the Powerhouse gate

Norman Shaw's parents first house after marrying in 1926. No 4 Wellington St which is the street I was born in years later (1944)

Norman's sister Elizabeth and pals outside there back yard 104 Tennant St 1932

Norman Shaw was born in this house 104 Tennant St.

Norman Shaw & pals in Tennant St playing on the Ice Cream man's cart in 1935

Norman's photo of his dad Norman in the back row extreme right in 1950 Reyrolles

Norman's 1974 photo of a presentation to J Robson 5th from left on retirement from Reyrolles Process Lab

That's Norman & colleagues in Reyrolles Chemical Labs 1962

Reyrolles conference at Otterburn Hall in 1970.