This photo came from George Black & was taken 'somewhere in Hebburn'. Is it where the Guns were in WW2 at the top of Mill Lane?

Mary McBarron's family school photo taken in the 1920s at the Newtown School

Another one from Mary taken at the Newtown School about 1927

Norman Shaw's 1932 photo of sister Elizabeth in the back lane off Tennant St with pals getting a ride on Joe Fusaro's ice cream cart.

Elizabeth Shaw in her class at the Newtown School in 1933

Norman Shaw's photo of the 9th Hebburn St Cuthbert's Scouts at camp in Raby Park 1947

Norman Shaw at the centre back with his boy scout pals in 1947

Norman's photo including the furniture removal van which was the transport for the scouts from Hebburn to Raby Park in 1947

9th Hebburn boy scouts in 1947 & all named by Norman Shaw

Meal time at Raby Park in 1947 for the 9th Hebburn St Cuthbert's Scouts.Beans again I bet?

Norman named all the boys on this photo. What a memory!

Mary McBarron's photo of the Bitumastic workers. Thats a family member she's circled