Irene Gargett nee Handyside photo taken about 1960 at the long gone Croft Terrace school.

Irene with her brother Douglas & grandmother Mary Handyside in there hay field at Monkton about 1952. Note the old Slag Heap in the distance.

Irene getting riding lessons off uncle George Handyside at Grange Farm in Monkton about 1950.

Irene took this photo with her box Brownie on Xmas Day 1964 of the Pontop line crossing with the snowy Slag Heap behind.

Irene's rare photo of the Altar in the 'Venerable Bede' chapel, Monkton. The chapel became a private residence called 'Capella' in the 1980s.

Grange Rd in the early 1900s. The photo was generously scanned & sent to me by an Ebay seller after I requested a copy.

Norman Shaw's sent 5 photos of Jarrow Grammar School's production of the Play 'Caste' in 1950.

The old 'Gaslight' Pub near the Pedestrian Tunnel in 2007 awaiting demolition.The original name was 'The Commercial'