Colin Dixon's photo of his dad Edward in the 1930s. Edward worked at Jarrow & also Hebburn Palmers so not sure where this was taken.

Marie Makepeace nee Scullion sent quite a few photos on this page. Some from her & some like this one from friend Michael Cain

Michael Cain who loaned Marie the photos is in the front here along with his pals in 1958-9.

Michael & his mates on a night out at the Quay Club about 1962.

Some of theses lads were due to go in the Forces, so this was there night out before leaving in 1958

Michael's family photo taken in Wreigh St backlane with local kids after one of the family had been married in 1946-47.Anyone recognise themselves?

Marie Makepeace's (Nee Scullion) photo taken on the swings in Hebburn Park with the 1st Lake & Slagheap in view 1957-58.

Marie's friends Margaret Thompson,Bridget Lee & Irene Kelly in the Park with Slagheap in view 1957-58.

Remember the Victorian Bandstand in the Park? This photo shows Marie & pals 1957-58 with the bandstand in view.

Michael Cain's photo of friends on a night out at Armstrong Hall in 1966. Anyone recognise the un named girl?

Colin Dixon photo taken in snowy Frobisher St about 1915 showing family member Molly Dixon & young neighbours

Mrs De Wynter (Branch) photo with her Gran,School MistressAunt and father George on it. Ruth thinks this is a Sunday School photo taken about 1910.

Ruth's family lived in this long gone house which stood beside the Cleg Well. This rare photo dates from about 1900.

Mr & Mrs Nesbitt who have lived in Thirlmere Court since it was built about 1952 kindly loaned this 1977 Queens Silver Jubilee celebrations photo.