I have this photo on site already but Kevin Blair kindly sent this much clearer one taken in early 1900s Carr St with the 'C'Pit in view.

Charles Murray (On the photo) sent me this 1951-52 one of him & his workmates T Doran, A Heywood & L Connolly in Hebburn Palmers

Pat Mercer sent me this lovely old rare photo of the 190ft high Tharsis Copperworks chimney probably taken in the 1920s or 1930s.

Janis Blower at the Shields Gazette sent me this photo of mothers & children on the field at the bottom of Prince Consort Rd in 1962

Jim Rickerby loaned me this photo showing his dad in the Hebburn Colliery Prize Band but he's not sure if it was the 1920s or 30s.

Jim Rickerby was a Joiner & worked in this Joiners Shop in Palmers. Photo was taken in 1948 & the woodwork was for the MV Georgic

A lovely photo from Pat Mercer showing G G Grandad JW Breese on retirement from the Tharsis Copper Works 1930s. He was born in Crossrow 1866.

That's JW Breese saying goodbye to the Copperworks Horse on his retirement in the 1930s.Crossrow where he was born in 1866 was in Hebburn Colliery.

A man called Andy kindly sent this photo via an email of his grandfather E Adamson working in Reyrolles in June 1931

Andy also kindly emailed this photo of Reyrolles electric motor department in June 1931.Andy didn't give his name but I'd guess its Adamson

Reyrolles Machine Shop in June 1931 & again it's a photo emailed to me by Andy.

Jim Rickerby also loaned me his class photo taken at the Quay Board School in 1937. Anyone recognise the other names?