Mrs Nesbitt of Thirlmere Court loaned this photo of her & her husband with friends in Hebburn Labour Club 1960s

A lovely photo of the new Jarrow Staiths opened by the Queen's mother in the late 1930s.

Thanks to Kevin Blair for this lovely aerial shot of Palmers in 1950 with the Quay School & Railway Tc in view on the 'Low Rd'

Another smasher from Kevin Blair showing quite a few of the old Quay streets, the 'Low Road' & Palmers Yard abt 1948.

Kevins photos are so clear I cropped & zoomed in to give a good view of the Quay Board School, Palmers etc

Kevin's 1948 photo showing the Bede Metal Co, Palmers & Leslies plus the old streets

Margaret Connolly nee Russell loaned this 1960s photo showing her with her Reyrolle work pals.Margaret is all in white in the front row.

Lydia Baker in her Pram in Hebburn Colliery 1930s. They lived beside the old Granary that was used to store Hay for the Pit horses.

Mrs McKie outside her shop on the corner of Glen & Shamrock St.The previous owners name of Farish is still on the sign though.

Mr Nesbitt kindly loaned me this photo of him at the Palmers Staff dance in 1966

Mr Rickerby's photo taken he thinks in War time. He thinks the man became a Councillor & I think its Cllr Heard.