Bill Woods kindly loaned me this photo of his mother taken at Dunn St school between the years 1905 & 1907

Eddie Gregg's dad was a musician who played in the Theatre Royal Hebburn & also the Theatre in Jarrow.This photo is we think from the 1920s

Kevin Blair sent this photo of Palmer's men being laid off after a boilermaker lockout in 1910

John Hayton loaned me this lovely old photo of Monkton. A friend thinks the sign says Dunlop motorcycle tyres, guaranteed wear

Family photo from Bill Woods showing the shop on corner of Western Rd & Palmer St pre WW1

Kevin Blair sent this scan of the launch of HMS Hercules from Jarrow Palmers in May 1910

Val Tate nee Bowman sent this scan taken at possibly the 21st celebrations of Jarrow YWCA.

Jarrow Palmer's rolling mills from an old postcard.

A 1900s photo of Jarrow Ferry landing

Another old view of Monkton in the early 1900s with the old Lord Nelson on the right.

Early 1900s photo of a Jarrow Tram & it looks like that horse is tring to overtake it.

An early 1900s view of Jarrows old Weslyan Chapel which I remember seeing in the 50s but is long gone

An 1890s photo of the White Cottages which were beside St Pauls church.

Isabella Young's shop in Chaytor St very early in the 1900s. How times have changed!

A lovely photo from Val Tate nee Bowman.Thats Val wearing glasses just behind the girl far right front.