Mrs De Wynter loaned this early 1900s family photo showing the Branch sisters who lived in Clegwell House

Elaine Dills sent this photo from the USA showing James Dills on a snowy Ellison St about 1978

Diane Gilfellon who's great granda was Charlie Stubbs (Sculler) loaned this undated St Cuthbert girl guides photo

Diane's photo of St Cuthbert's guides in the 1930s

Kevin Blair kindly sent me this scan of HMS Mauritius in Hebburn Palmers Dry Dock in 1953.

George Kimber kindly loaned this photo of his dads shop on Albert St/Cuthbert St corner taken late 50s early 60s.

Diane Gilfellon photo of the boy scouts passing Lloyds Bank & looking towards Prince Consort Rd.

A poor quality photo of a very busy Pelaw Main Staiths which were along the river towards Bill Quay

Diane Gilfellon photo taken at a Reyrolles night out. No date given

Reyrolles Cricketing first team in the 1960s from Diane Gilfellon

Another photo of a Reyrolles night out from Diane

Reyrolles second team in the 1960s from Diane Gilfellon

This lovely photo of Station Rd came from Diane aswell. Its great that people are so generous which makes this site better & better.

Campbell Park Rd in 1963 which is the year our family moved up from Lyon St to Grasmere Rd.