Ed Alderson sent me a few photos & this one shows Palmers apprentices in 1946 with there Exhibit. The Reyrolles one is just behind it.

Ed's photo of Palmers Sheet Metal shop footballers in 1962.

Jacky Hogg kindly loaned me this photo of St Aloysius children in 1968 & she gave me the names I've included..

Gordon Nesbitt sent this 1970s Hebburn Tech College footballers photo & I've managed to find more names.

Ed Alderson's photo of Derek Ibbitson running at Leslies Sportsfield in 1959 . By coincidence I watched this race with my mates.

Ed Alderson & his wife at Leslies Sports day in 1959

Ed Alderson & brothers in there Lyon St back yard 1953. Ed says they lived beside Smiths Printers opp the Store Hall.

Irene Kelly, Marie Scullion, Bridget Lee & M Thompson Hebburn teenagers in the Park 1956-7.

My photo 'Dougies Tavern' originally the Royal Hotel but nicknamed the White Lead. Soon it is going to be turned into a top class restaurant

Ray Beck sent this photo of his sister in Hebburn Park in 1952.Can you girls remember Prams like that one?

Hebburn Redhouse Farm in 1910 when Mr Benjamin Towell was a tenant. The photo came from Polly Feetham grand daughter of Benjamin.

Alistair Coulson son of old Mr Coulson the Coalman kindly sent this lovely photo of Redhouse Farm abt 1920.