A scan of an old Postcard showing a lovely little cottage called 'The Nest' near Trow Rocks in the early 1900s

Roy Lambeth of Durham sent me this 1966 Scan of Boldon Colliery coal being taken towards Tyne Dock, with Harton Colliery in the distance

Roy Lambeth's 1960s photo of Tyne Tugs 'Eastsider' & 'Southsider' at anchor

Roy's 1960s photo of the Shields Ferry steaming to North Shields

Another from Roy showing 'Tynesider' & Cullercoats' with the two Tugs on last photo in 1965

Another 1960s Tug photo from Roy

This is an early 1900s South Shields School photo but I don't know which school or anyone on it.

Another unknown South Shields school photo from the early 1900s.

A scan of an early 1900s postcard of the Tyne at South Shields

A colour slide I took from River Drive in 1974-75

Another one of my colourslides taken in 1974-75

Last one of my slides taken from River Drive 1970s.