This page of photos came from Pat Green nee Riley who lived in Ellison St. This shows Pat with friend Kath McCoy.

Pat & her two sisters in the back yard of there Ellison St home 1963

Pat Riley & her friends S Doyle,M Griffin & M McMullen in 1966 but who were the boys?.

Pat's brother David on his motorbike in Ellison St backlane with Leslies sheds on the left.

Pat & brother David at the front door of there Ellison St home.

In 1962 Pat worked in the Chemist's shop on the corner of Ellison St & Argyle St. Years before that shop was 'Flemings' the Chemists.

Pat's husband was Jarrow lad the late Geordie Green. Thats him in the glasses looking very much like Buddy Holly.

Leslies men on a night out. Allan Campbell tells me the tall man at the back is his Grandfather Allan AC Campbell and estimates it to be 1946-48?

Leslie's men on an annual 'Trip' but again no year is given. I can see Mr Metcalfe on the photo & he lived in Thirlmere Court in the 50s onwards. He

Leslies men on there trip. In those days men wore there best clothes when they went on bus trips.

Hebburn teenagers at the Mayfair in 1962 when rock'n'roll was the sound

Pat Riley in Canning St 1967 outside St John's Church. The old Ellison Hall stables are in the background.