Pat Riley & friends at Leslies Sports day in May 1960.

Bob Porter sent this photo quite a while ago & I think it's of a relative in Philip St

Bob Porter's photo showing Leslie's joiners having a bit of a Party at work so it's possibly Xmas or New Year time .

Bob Porter's photo showing Royalty at Leslies

Another photo from Bob showing Leslie's joiners

Keith Bell sent me this painting that once hung in Hawthorn Leslies board room & was painted in 1883 by his great great uncle John Chambers.

Kevin Blair's beautiful clear photo of St Andrew's Church folk in 1906.

Another photo of Leslie's joiners from Bob

Pat Green's photo of Leslie's 1st XI 1930-31.Three names on pic are Norman & Frank Lees & Jim Thackeray.Possibly R Waggot & Dick Lumley aswell

Leslie's joiners again

Ron Niven sent this photo local lads who were pre-apprentices in 1953.

Tony Lee who lives in Canada sent me this photo of 'The Albert' football team 1955-56. The Albert is still there today but renamed 'Wardles'