Bob Smith (whos on the photo) personally brought me this whole page of photos.This shows Baker Perkins footballers in 1972-73

An atmospheric photo of Bessie & Bill Harrison in the old Colliery Club 1954/5. To me this photo shows how different life was in those days.

Bob Smith's 1962 class photo from his Central School days. He even named everyone for us.

Bob & Mike Eglinton receiving the Leslies First Aid cup in 1967 .

Bob Smith's photo of Leslies 1966 First Aid Team

Bob's Hebburn 'Buff's' 1953. Tommy Glynn is in the suit. Next to Laffey is B Bradley. Another name given me is N Errington .

A night out in the old Colliery Club 1n 1953 with Bob's dad in view.

Bob Smith's photo taken in the Colliery Club 1953

Bob at the finishing line at Leslies Sports Day in 1973

Bob finishing his race at the 1973 Leslies Sports

Hebburn Railway in the 1970's from Kevin Blair

Bob at the 1957 Tube Works Xmas Party, By coincidence my brother in law Alan Raine is also on the photo.