Geoff Plucknett kindly sent the following 6 photos taken at the Pyro Xmas parties in the 60s.

A Pyro Party in 1960s.

Another Pyro party photo from Geoff.

This photo shows Geoff at the Pyro party.

Boys & girls at the 1960s Pyro party

Geoff's final photo taken at the Pyro party.

The Tug 'Lingdale' which was formerly the 'Lady Vita' built on the Thames in 1882. Her engines are in Newcastle Science Museum.

The Tug 'Nestor' which was built in 1882 at Low Walker. Which Ballast Hill is that one?

The Steam Paddle Tug 'Reliant' but where on the river was it taken? Shields perhaps?

The well know Tug 'George V' built at Low Walker in 1910 from a postcard Terry Kelly loaned me.

Terry Kelly's postcard of the Tug 'Eppleton Hall' on the Wear in 1961.

The 1885 built Tug 'Stag' early 1900s.