Brian Henderson kindly sent me quite a few photos on this page. This photo shows Quay Board School children having fun on the beach about 1920

Brian's photo of Palmer's Sheet Metal shop men possibly 40s or 50s.

Brians photo showing Palmer's Sheet Metal Shop.

Brian's photo of some of the children at the Newtown Infant School in the 1950s

Brian's photo of Hebburn lads during there Whitby camp trip in 1955

That's Brian on this Newtown School Photo from the 1950s

Brian's photo of the Steam Ship 'Northern Star' ready for Launch at the Naval Yard in June 1961

Roy Beckitt sent this nice photo of local teenagers on a Blackpool trip in the 50s.

I LOVE Kevin's photo of 'The High Rd' looking towards the 'Claps'. The sign says Hen & Duck Eggs 1shilling and 8 pence per dozen

Derek Seymour sent this lovely 1951 photo of Reyrolles panel wiring shop girls collecting for a local children's home.

Kevin Blair kindly sent me this brilliant old photo of part of Park Road pre 1912 & showing our Carr Ellison Park gates with Boer War memorial . .

Thanks to Eddie Gregg for this lovely old post card of the 'Tyne Shipyard' in Wallsend