A photo of a Quay Board class about 1930. Most of these children were born in 1922 inc my uncle Raymond Telford 5th from rgt back row.

Irene (Rene) Peters who had the fish'n'chip shop on the corner of Anne St/Church St loaned me this photo of a Quay Board class of 5 yr olds in 1934

Rene's other Quay Board class photo taken about 1935-36.

Ray Robinson sent me some Operatic photos taken in Clegwell School in the 50s.This one was taken in 1952 & it's the cast of Pirates of Penzance.

Ray's other Clegwell Operatic photo taken 2 yrs later in 1954 when they did the 'Mikado'. That's Ray standing..

Ray's 1954 Clegwell School's ' Mikado' cast. Clegwell School was renamed 'Bedewell' for ex pats who didn't know.

This photo was taken on Hebburn Comp's field which is where the First Lake was. Thats my late uncle George Dent who was a top sprinter as a young man.

Boxer Frankie McHugh outside one of the old prefabs. We haven't got many pics of the prefabs so if anyone has one please get in touch.

Don Scott kindly sent me four photos taken in 1962 at the Newtown School Camp in Whitby.

A second photo from Don showing the Newtown school boys preparing for getting married one day with there pinnies on.

Don's photo showing Mr Archbold & the boys in 1962.

The boys on the Beach at Whitby in 1962.