Ann McNee brought this 1940s Leslies photo of Foremen to me and her Grandfather James is on it. I managed to get all the names for her.

David McIntyre sent me this 1957-8 photo of Lord Louis Mountbatten at Hebburn Sea Cadets

Thats Norman Kennedy's motorbike with my cousin Doreen Nicholson & friend Carol ready to polish it abt 1962

Norman Kennedy took this photo of his mates on a trip possibly to Blackpool very early 60s

Another one from Norman taken at Hebburn Station. The lad 2nd right is Terry Turner & lad 3rd from left Gordon Cooper .

Roy Beckitt sent this photo that originated from Keith Rogers who's on the photo .Another early 60s photo.

I have just came across this photo of my Mam in the 'Scullery' of 9 Grasmere Rd. She's now in a Nursing Home age 87.

Norman Kennedy in the street he grew up in McIntyre St early 1960s.

Mrs Toward outside 34 McIntyre St with little Norman Kennedy about 1948

Quay School photo at there Seaham Camp early 1950s.Bill Wallace is in front of the sign & Doris Anthony is in a striped waistcoat.

Norman Kennedy worked at Wardley. Here he is with other trainees from Local pits in 1960.

Norman Kennedy about 1949 in his McIntyre st Back lane