Bill Ward loaned me his old photo albums so I could help myself. This photo shows him & his mates at Blackpool in 1957.

Bill Wards 1950s photo of him & his mates doing what all lads do. Drinking as teenagers!

Bill & his Hebburn mates down Shields on a night out late 50s

Another one of Hebburn lads out drinking in the late 50s.

Bill's dad Mr Ward out with his Palmer's mmates on a Plumbers 'Smoker' at Hebburn Buffs. This looks a 1940s photo

Bill's photo of his mam (1st on rgt) & dad on a Pyro trip to Blackpool abt 1950.

The Pyrotenax trip to Blackpool using Hall's Brother's Coaches in 1950. Bills mam is in dark coat with hand bag

Ray Beck sent this photo at the Newtown School Camp at Whitby 1957

Ray Beck's photo from his late father in laws collection (Cec Emmerson) showing St Oswald's league cup winning footballers 1981-82

Another photo from Ray Beck showing the Emmerson family collection of the Newtown School footballers in 1963-3

The late Cec Emmerson's photo of the Newtown School team in 1963-64 & passed on to me by Ray Beck

Thanks to Ray Beck again for Cec Emmerson's photo of him & his Newtown School colleagues in 1959, 50 yrs ago