Bill Ward pre 1952 lived at Riverside House just north of Black Rd. This whole page of photos is life at Riverside House.

John, David & Jim in the garden at Riverside House . Anyone recognise these lads?

Bill Wards mother Rose who's maiden name was Murray in the Riverside House garden 1930s

Bill's grandmother Murray in her garden & no doubt getting some vegetables for the dinner.

Bill's mother Rose Ward in the 1930s garden with her neighbour Dora Henderson.

Bill's mother Rose on the Swing at Riverside House in the 30s. I didn't know life in those days could look so idealic.

Bills grandfather Mr Murray, family & relatives at Riverside

Bill's cousins Norma & Doreen Nicholson enjoyed coming to Riverside to play. No wonder when it looks so lovely.

Norma & Doreen Nicholson on the seesaw at Riverside possibly in the late 30s early 40s

Norma Nicholson enjoying the sunshine in the riverside house garden late 30s early 40s (I guess)

Bill Ward in his Pram 1940 at Riverside House.

Bill's mother Rose with Norma & Doreen Nicholson outside Riverside House.

Mr Ward with his 1920s middle parting on the Riverside House garden swing 1930s.

Little Norma Nicholson on her bike at Riverside House.

The family enjoying garden life in the 1930s.