My late sister's friend Josie Whigham loaned me a few photos from her Reyrolle days.The girls are all named inc sister Marian

A second one from Josie & it looks like a Xmas Party.Josie thinks her photos are early 1980s

Last photo from Josie & everyone is named.Marian is standing & died in July 2008

Pauline McFlynn loaned the other photos on this page.This one of St Andrews pantomime was at the Powerhouse in 1956

This one from Pauline (1st left) is the Quay Board School girls at school camp 1959

Pauline McFlynn (now Pauline Metcalfe) with other children in Prince Consort Rd Nursery 1951

More Prince Consort Rd nursery school children in 1951 from Pauline.

Anyone recognise themselves or family members from this Prince Consort Rd nursery photo taken in 1951?

Pauline & friends at the old Store Hall Dances on Lyon St/Albert St corner in 1960. I need just one girls name please.

1960-61. I think the lad was Lawrence Wakenshaw.Names are Florence Simms, J & also K Newby & Pauline McFlynn.

Quay School Camp 1959. More names A Thorius,R Summerson,C Raven,M MCormick, C Cummins,J Wasstle.

Pauline McFlynn lived at 2 McIntyre St & this is her & V Stewart outside the house in 1952