Graeme Ford sent me this 1979 photo taken at the long gone 'Ellen Wilkinson Flats' at the bottom of Argyle St.

Robert Smith kindly borrowed this photo for us. It was taken at the 1953 Coronation St party in Arthur St & the photo belongs to Ronnie Gaffin

David Dicks sent this photo not knowing anything about it. regulars reckon it's the set for an opera in 1950s Clegwell

A photo taken in Hebburn cemetery over 60 yrs ago from Graeme Ford's family collection.

The coal Staiths along Hebburn riverside towards Bill Quay were called Pelaw Main Staiths & this shows them in the early 1900s.

These are early 1900s Pelaw Main 'Trimmers' who possibly lived in Hebburn & walked along the riverside to work each day.

David Dicks photo of Hebburn sea cadets awaiting Lord Louis Mountbatten for a presentation

Lord Mountbatten presenting sea cadet Peter Emmerson

David Dicks photo of Hebburn lads on a night out at what they called 'The Hut' later to become the 'Banks of the Tyne'.

A lovely 1933 photo of St John's Church with parts of the Infirmary in view from my regular photo supplier Kevin Blair.

Another photo of Pelaw Main staiths in the 1900s. The little Mission there was run by Hebburn St Johns

A much better view of Pelaw Main Staiths & the 'Staith House Inn'. Me & my pals used to walk along to here in the early 50s.