Mac Cumming's dad worked in Reyrolles & this photo shows his dad & Reyrolle colleagues 1940s maybe 50s.

This photo of local people came from David Dick's & unfortunately we only have one name so far.Anyone recognise who they are?

A photo from Mac Cummings taken in a Reyrolles Office 1960s. Anyone recogniseable?

Hawthorn Leslies used to have Summer Camps & this photo from Mac is of Leslies 'Cook's' at annual camp in 1938 just before WW2.

These were Hebburn Colliery lads. Mr Gibbins died at the Somme & Mac's grandad Mr Fuller died in Hebburn 'A' Pit training as a Deputy in 1919.

This is photo I cropped from Kevin Blair's original & it lets us see St Andrew's Church area in 1946.

Mac's dad had a Dance Band & here they are in the 1940s/50s Ambulance Hall which coincidentally has just been demolished in 2009.

Mac's photo taken at the Power House in the 40s-50s.

I cropped this from Kevin Blair's original aerial photo to get a closer view of Leslies just after WW2. Sadly it is all gone now.

.Mac's dad with Reyrolle's named colleagues in 1948

Mac thinks this photo is his dad at a Reyrolles 'smoker'.

A photo I took in RW Transmission's 1969-70 showing one of the gearboxes we built for Industry.A housing estate stands on the land now.