Keith Wilkinson's photo of Hawthorn Leslies plumbers saying goodbye to J Cullen on retiring in 1971.Keith's dad is on the photo.

Mac Cumming's photo of T Lindsay's Dance Band which performed locally in the 40s & 50's. Anyone recognise this venue? Powerehouse maybe?

Roy Beckitt's photo of his partner's dad Joe Jardine in Glen St back lane 1940s

Keith Wilkinson photo of his dad Bob and workmates at Leslies summer camp at Goswick near Berwick 1939

Keith's dad Bob Wilkinson at the Goswick summer camp in 1939 getting a good wash & probably using cold water aswell


Keith's photo of Leslies workers possibly taken in the 70s. The man on right we now know was painter P Duffy.

Keiths photo of Leslies plumbers with a presentation of a watch to one of the men

Another Leslies photo from Keith showing his dad & workmates possibly in the 70s.

Sheila Jenkins (Blevins) pic of Prince Consort Rd nursery 1940s.Her mam Emma Burrell is 4th adult from left back row.Matron is Mrs Taggart.

Roy Beckitt photo taken in Reyrolles Planning Dept but I'm not sure of the year.

This is my uncle Stan Hanwell (RAF Navigator) who was brought up in Ellison St. Here he is at the Ballast Hill in wartime. He died in May 2009 RIP.

Roy Beckitt kindly sent me this photo taken at Toner Ave School in 1968.That's Steve Cram's brother & P Jardine is owner of the photo.