Ken Goss kindly loaned all the photos on this page.This one was taken alongside the Don on a sunny day in the 1940s

Ken's photo showing Charlton's Bus parked up on Butcher's Bridge Road in the 1920s & the driver & conductor happily posing for the photographer.

Ken's photo of The 'Greyhound' Pub in 1960 ish. That historical little cottage is long gone which is a shame

Looking east on Hedworth Lane in the early 1900s after coming under the railway line. That's the old Greyhound Pub on the right.

Ken Goss's photo of Hedworth Lane at the bottom of the bank next to Mill Farm in 1900.

A lovely old photo of the Hedworth Villages Blacksmith outside his cottage with his wife in the early 1900s

Ken's photo of the old stone bridge over the Don at Hedworth lane in 1912

Another photo showing Hedworth Hall close to Mill Farm on Hedworth Lane 1900.

A view of Hedworth Lane leading to the Greyhound pub at the top of the bank with the new houses being built..

Ken's lovely old photo of the 'Robin Hood' pub in 1900

Ken's photo of the 'Robin Hood' pub just after WW2 in 1946. How much was a pint then?

A strange looking York Ave in the 1920s with a section of the long gone Slag Heap in view & Valley View School to the right..