Keith Wilkinson's lovely photo of Croft Tce school football team photo 1959-60.

Keith's photo of his Croft Tce class in 1958. Keith has kindly loaned quite a few photos & even hand delivered them to me

Keiths 1960-61 Croft Tce class photo

Mac Cummings's dad's band playing at the Mechanics Hall on Ellison St in the 40s or 50s

Remember the Co-op Dairy & Bakery behind the 'Prince of Wales' Pub? it's long gone & now a Housing Estate.

This old bridge photo from Ken Goss has long gone. Today a dual carriageway runs under a modern bridge carrying the Sunderland rail line.

A nice photo of the 'Grange School' football team in 1957-58 from Keith Wilkinson

Ken Goss photo of the Greyhound pub in 1946

A Croft Tce class photo from Keith taken in 1961-62

Mac Cummings sent this photo from his mother's collection showing her Jarrow friends at Rothbury in the 1930s.Those girls certainly got around a bit.

Roy Beckitt sent this photo of his partner Francis Jardine on her horse close to Bede Trading Estate. That's the 1857 built Alkali Pub in the distance

A beautiful 1950s photo kindly sent to me by Kevin Blair showing the Station Hotel on the corner of Ellison St/Grange Rd