Peter Emmerson sent me this photo taken at Hebburn sea Cadets in 1955 with Lord Louis Mountbatten inspecting them

Another Sea Cadet's photo from Peter Emmerson. The late site regular Maurice Crewe is nearest the camera.

Mac Cummings's mother worked in Reyrolles as a young girl in the 1930s. This lovely old photo shows her in Reyrolles 1936..

Peter Emmerson photo of him with his Palmer's apprentice pals on a night out in the 1950s

Roy Beckitt's dad on the machines in Reyrolles 1940s possibly wartime

Sylvia Alderton who lives in Florida sent me this 1930-32 St Oswald's school photo with her dad on it. Dad lived in Hedgeley Rd at the time

Keith Wilkinson photo taken at Leslies Sportsfield days after Roger Bannister beat the 4 minute mile & Derek Ibbitson pushed him..

Keith Wilkinson's photo of a Quay Board School class from the 30s or maybe the 40s. If anyone can help or recognise a pupil, please get in touch.

Roy Beckitt's photo taken at a Frobisher St party 1940s.

Roy Beckitt's mother dancing with an unknown partner in 1946 at the now demolished Ambulance Hall.

Kevin Blair paid a lot of money for this postcard I saw on Ebay & has gave me this copy of St Cuthbert footballers in the 1911-12 season.

Kevin also bought this 100 yr old postcard of St Cuthbert's Church in 1909 & is now sharing it with us..