A Quay Club outing to the races which was possibly York or Thirsk. Peter Emmerson's dad Sam is 2nd from left. A Bill Wallace photo taken in Westminster Cres in 1957. Another photo from Bill showing old Mrs Calder & three local children
An aerial view of Hebburn from Bill Wallace. In the centre you can see a cricket match being played on Reyrolles sportsfield about 1960 ish Another aerial shot of Hebburn from Bill. I found it difficult to recognise so added A,B & C to landmarks Bill sent me this photo of the first lake with the Slag Heap in view 1958. The old pumphouse can just be seen as a dark area at the side of the lake.
Bill sent this scan of his 1973 booklet celebrating 150 yrs of the High Lane Row Methodist Chapel This is inside the Methodist Chapel's booklet & makes interesting reading. A rare 1920s photo taken in the back garden of Wagonmans Row, Hebburn Colliery from Bill Wallace.
Kevin Blair's photo of the launch from Swans of the 'Southampton Castle' in 1964 with 'our' Ballast Hill in view but possibly partially removed. Bill Wallace Pic. a Hillman Imp has been identified in Reyrolles Car Park so photo must be 1963 or later. Sarah Jane Jackson in McIntyre St, Hebburn during the second world war