Roy Beckitt kindly sent me this 1957 programme & photos from when his mother Maude was in Hebburn Operatic Society.

This production of 'Nabucco' from 1957 was performed in the long gone and often talked about 'Powerhouse'

Hopefully some of the old names will be recognised.

Some of the local ladies of the Hebburn Operatic Society. Recognise anyone?

Derek Edmondson & Audrey Bertorelli. Derek lost his voice & an appeal was put out for a 'stand in'. William Dickie came on & finished the week.

Audrey Bertorelli & William Dickie in full costume. William Dickie was from the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden. What a 'scoop' for a 'stand in'

Derek Edmondson as Nabucco in 1957

Roy's lovely mam Maude Beckitt with Audrey & Pam. Don Scott says the other lady is Carrie Robson mother of Audrey Bertorelli (Hebburn Operatic)

William Midgeley as Zachariah in the 1957 Hebburn Operatic Society production of 'Nabucco'.

Roy's mam Maude Beckitt along with Pam Edmondson at the Powerhouse in 1957.