Kevin Blair one of my top contributors kindly sent me this scan of Ellison Hall Infirmary which opened in 1898

Joe Nicol out with his mates enjoying themselves in the 1950s listening to the new Rock'n'roll music. Joe is 4th from left.

Ray Beck's Clegwell 1963 pic. More names are Andrea Robson, Kath Wright Jeanette Foxall & Rosamund Kennedy.The head is Mr Harwood

Ray Marshall who produces the 'Remember When' mag at the Chronicle sent me this photo of Leslies at knocking off time.We think this is 1950s.

Roy Beckitt photo of his Mam who worked in Pratts Shop in Frobisher St 1960s.Un-named lady is Florence Davies or Davis sister of Winnie

Roy's 1960s photo in Pratts shop, Frobisher St. Mary McBarron tells me the other lady is Florence Davies or Davis.

Another photo from George Dyer showing the inside of the Gospel Hall on Victoria Rd West.

That is Roy Beckitt's dad Arthur on the Pillion of this motorbike in 1926. Anyone know the rider?

Another from my friend Ray Marshall at the Chronicle. This shows Reyrolles at knocking off time but I'd like to know when. Is it the 40s or 50s?

Roy Beckitt's photo from his dad's collection taken at Baker Perkins motoring club Xmas 'do' in the 1950s

Roy's pic of Hebburn Musical Society Male Voice Choir, winners of the 'Bell' Trophy in 1931. George Kellett is 4th from left in front row.

Another Baker Perkins motor club photo taken at there Xmas 'Do' in the 1950s.