Kevin Connolly brought me this photo plus others. This one is his brother & pals sunning themselves at 'Sandy Bottom' in 1948

Mrs Nellie Thompson sitting on someones motorbike in ols Spencer St 1953-54. I've forgot who sent me it so lets know please.

A Colour Slide I took of two of my sons on Hebburn Ferry abt 1975. The Ferry Captain kindly let my oldest son take the wheel.

A John Black photo taken in the back yard of John St in 1947

Three Hebburn children 'down the prefabs' in the 50s. I remember the prefabs were posh with little fridges for making the kids ice lollies.

Marion Coyne's husband George is on this 1954 photo at the Lakes that Kevin Connolly loaned me..

Kevin took this photo of Jess McConnel's Club (used to be the Labour Club) burning down in 1998

Kevin Connolly's lovely old photo of St Aloysius footballers in 1918.

Kevin's photo taken at the Traffic Lights in 2004

This one from Gordon Stridiron is Lukes Lane Crossing. The traffic was stopped to let the Bowes coal trucks go down past Jarrow Park to the Staiths.

A Sept 1960 aerial view of Swan Hunters, but it shows a glimpse of our famous Hawthorn Leslies across the river aswell.

The Tyne with Hebburn Ferry Landing & part of Bonnacord St in view.