This photo of Hebburn lads on the beach is a tribute to Ian Pennycook who is on this photo. Ian died last week

A St Aloysius school class but I didn't get any info. The headmaster is Mr T O'Hagan who taught me as a 13 yr old

Leslies Shipyard at the bottom of Ellison St which is now gone forever.

Leslies Canteen & in the background are the Offices

A familiar view driving up Prince Consort Rd which hasn't changed much over the years

John Black's family photo from when he was a little 4 yr old living in back John St.How times have changed!

Another familiar view we'll never see again! Monkton Coke Works off Mill Lane

Leslies again with a Navy ship in the back ground

The mid Tyne office at the bottom of Ellison St where you got the Ferry to Wallsend & Walker.

Another undated St Aloysius class & again the head is Mr T O'Hagan.

I think this is a photo taken in Reyrolles

That is Gerry Robert's dad who was born in 1906 & a 'Reyrolles Man'. Anyone recognise the others?