Mr J Nicol loaned me this photograph of Hebburn lads in the 1950s Camping possibly at Knaresbrough in Yorkshire

Gerry Roberts loaned this photo from his Sister's collection & we think it could be in Reyrolles as Pat worked their.

Ray Beck sent this photo of Newtown School kids at Camp & possibly getting awards on the last day from Mrs Archbold

Another Ray Beck photo of the Newtown School camp but I have no more info other than that is Cec Emmerson.

Cec Emmerson was Ray Beck's father in law. So here is nother Newtown School camp with a young looking Mr Emmerson

Another of Ray's Newtown School Camp photo. Can anyone help with the decade & names

Mr Archbold after awarding trophies to two of the Newtown School boys.If anyone cane give names or the decade I can add info later.

A photo of Reyolles men from the Robert's family album.3rd rgt front is J Carmichael.

Gerry's photo of his sister Pat with an unknown friend. Anyone recognise the girls & the place they were at.Was it 'Jessie Ives?'

A Pat Robert's 'Reyrolles night out for the ladies' photo possibly 1970s.

A group off on a bus trip from the Robert's Family album. I recognise the lad on the right from my St Aloysius days.

Last one from the Roberts's family album showing Pat with possible Reyrolles colleagues.