Les Stephenson photo of a relative (Grace Brinton) and pals on the beach at South Shields 1913 just before WW1 started

John Black sent me this photo of the old Palmer's Hospital & Mr Palmer looking out over Jarrow. The Statue is now at the Shopping Centre

Top Contributor Kevin Blair's photo of Jarrow 'Bath's' in Walter St.

Another photo from Kevin showing the familiar pool at Jarrow baths & what we called the balcony for diving off at the 6 foot end

Jarrow baths again & probably where people changed before going into an actual bath for a wash. (next photo).

I never saw these because we had a bath at home. Some people didn't have baths at home so would have came here for a good wash.

Ray Beck 1955-56 photo from his schooldays at Bedeburn School which in those days was on the corner of Bedeburn Rd-Wood Tce

Another top quality clear photo of Bedeburn football team in 1956-57 by another loyal contributor Ray Beck

Ray's photo taken at a Bedeburn school Xmas Party in 1952

Les Stephenson pic of young folk who thought alcohol was evil so joined a Temperance Society. Here they are at Ryton Willows looking for a pub (joke)

Senior Temperance Society members from Jarrow, Hebburn, Shields etc at a National Conference. Les's relative is in the centre front row.

These Jarrow, Hebburn women were at a Summer Camp possibly learning how to teach their Temperance ideas to the young folk of Jarrow & Hebburn.