The Alum House Pub in Ferry Street overlooking the river Tyne at South Shields
The long gone Tyne dock Arches you had to drive through on the way to Shields in the 1950s
Demolition taking place in Barrington St
A 1940s or 50s photo looking down Stanhope Parade to Chichester Roundabout.
Derby St in 1941 during the war.
Fowler St looking towards the Town Hall in the 1950s
King St in the 1950s with the blue coloured Trolley Bus turning into Fowler St
Laygate in South Shields 1951
A photo taken from the Fowler St junction of King St looking down Ocean Rd in the 1920s. Where the Blind is sticking out later became Minchellas.
A snowy slushy Ocean Rd in the 1950s looking towards Minchella's on the other side of the road..
The long gone Alexandra Pub beside Tyne Dock Arches on Leam Lane. Catherine Cookson was born just yards from this pub.
Remember the old & long demolished Ingham Infirmary? Here it is in the 1950s