Joan Aitcheson nee Cook who later worked in the old Hebburn PO til 1944 sent me her Class photo taken at the Newtown School 1928/9

Joan was a Dancer when the Newtown School produced 'The old woman who lived in a shoe' 1936-7 at a local Hall but she can't remember where.

Joan Cook's Newtown School pic about 1930. She said the children on her three photos are the same ones from age 4yrs to 12/13 yrs.

An old friend sent me this scan showing Albert Rd in Jarrow 1917

Mac Cummings sent me this photo of his Clementson relatives Harry & Peggy in Maple St around 1951. Part of Jarrow Grange can be seen on the left.

The late Mr Emmerson's photo he took of his St Oswald's children on a trip to Edinburgh about 1975

Top contributor Kevin Blair sent me this beautiful scan of Reyrolles folk on the annual outing in 1912 Redcar & Mr Reyrolle is in the front row.

Jackie William's sent this family photo taken at Shields Beach probably in the 50s. No leisure wear in those days.

A Lady called Astrid related to Hebburn 'Burns' family arranged for a relative to send me this plus two other pics of the Tunnel area in 1969.

Another 1969 photo of the Tunnel Rd looking towards St Paul's Church in Jarrow.

A 1969 view looking towards the Tunnel entrance in 1969.

This print is from a book on Tyneside Cinema & it shows the 'Gem' before it was demolished.