Irene Loadman pic of Witty Ave kids in 1955 plus a few names.M Cossarat lived at St Cuthbert's Vicarage as Dad was the Vicar.

Hebburn girls at Butlins Filey Camp probably late 50s early 60s. Can you name any of the girls? if so email

Irene's dad Tom Loadman & his mates who could be your dad or uncle 1930s or 40s. Names needed please.

Three Hebburn men in the Pro Club on Carr St in wartime or just after. Is your Dad or uncle on the photo? names needed please.

A glimpse of Swindon St with our photo contributor Irene Loadman as a baby in her pram 1941.

Nancy Loadman, who is Irene's younger sister, playing with her 'boodies' outside her back gate in Swindon St lane 1940s

Irene's photo of Hebburn 'Metro Swimming Club' in the 1980s

Irene Loadman's photo of her dad & two mates 'down the Tyne'. Can anyone recognise the mates? .

Irene's photo of the Asthma Club in 1980.

Bedewell School children on the Coach that took them to School Camp 1980s. Bedewell was formerly Clegwell.

Irene's photo of four Hebburn lasses at the Quay School Camp in 1956

Irene's photo with sister Dorothy on it taken in Witty Ave 1950s. Dorothy was born in 1946.