A second page of photos from Allan Campbell's brilliant family collection.This 1911 photo is of Hebburn Argyle & the lad in the suit is Allan's dad.

Another lovely photo of Hebburn Argyle around 1912 to 14 with a few names. Hopefully someone will recognise Grandad.

Allan's Hebburn Colliery team in 1905. Patrick Brennan tells me there were two Colliery teams 'Athletic' & 'Black Watch'

Allan's great aunt Maggie Campbell worked for Leslies in the Ferry Office all her life. He thinks this is a Leslies outing. I need names to verify.

More of Allan's 11th Hebburn St John's Senior Scout photos. This one taken on an old Mineral line at Stanhope

Hebburn 11th scouts having a rest after a trek in 1959-60

11th Hebburn St John's taking a rest on the moors in 1959-60

Scout John Patterson quenching his thirst with a cooling drink up on the moors in 1959/60

A hungry Mike Seddon cooking a meal at the Scouts camp 1959

Allan Campbell far right with his named pals all belonging to the 11th Hebburn St John's scouts in 1959-60

The scout's camp near Stanhope in upper Weardale 1959 ish

A beautiful rare old photo of Tharsis copperworks employees in 1900. The man in the middle is Allan's Great Grandfather John Morris.