Allan Campbell's lovely old photo of his Grandfather at the Quay School in 1897

Allan Campbell's photo taken of the Clegwell Swimming Club in 1957.Today the school is called 'Bedewell'

Allan's mother Elsie M Jackson at the World War Victory tea in Buchanan St 1919.

Allan's mother lived in the Newtown so this class photo is likely to be the Weslyan School in Glen St .

This shows that his mother did go to the Weslyan School & Mrs Robinson was a Teacher at the school.

This class photo from Allan was taken at the Newtown School in 1925.

Another of Allan's photo collection showing his dad in a Newtown School class photo 1925

Allan's dad's Newtown School class photo from a year later in 1926

A 1927 photo of his Dad's class in Hebburn Newtown School. It's marvellous that his family have looked after these photos so well & are sharing them.

The Newtown School football team in 1927-8 Season. Allan's dad holding the ball later played professionally as a Keeper.

Allan's Dad in his Newtown School class photo of 1928. Thanks for sharing your collection Allan.

Allan's Gt Aunt worked for Leslies but she was in the Ferry Office all her working life.This is a Leslies outing somewhere unknown. recognise anyone?