More images from Allen Campbell. This one is of his father's retirement from Reyrolles in 1977. Who are the ladies?

A F Campbell with colleagues in the Panel Assembly dept possibly 1950s or 60s.

Allan's father in 1977 when he retired from Reyrolles where he'd worked all his life.Who are his colleagues?

Mac Cummings on the right with his pals Geoff & Alan on Holiday at Butlin's in Filey 1962.

Ray Beck sent me this photo of St Oswald's children at camp in 1972. The photo came from his father in law the late Cec Emmerson.

Another photo from the late Cec Emmerson's collection. Cec was Head Master at St Oswalds but he'd started his career at the Newtown School

Another of the St Oswald's school children in the 1970s

John McKenna loaned me this photo of Jarrow 1027 Squadron ATC in 1964. John's son is on the photo

A lovely photo from Kevin Blair showing the 'Ottawa' launch in 1964 plus a bit of our riverside where the Ferry landing used to be.

Allan Campbell's parents at a Reyrolles Dinner Dance in 1961.

Allan's final Reyrolles photo showing his dad in discussions with colleagues. I think that is 'Serty Hall' on the rgight.

A sports day at St Oswald's in the 70s from Cec Emmerson's collection & thanks to Ray Beck for passing them onto me.