Adrian Thorius sent this photo of his dad James working at the co-operative in Shields. James was born in 1898.

Adrian Thorius asked sister Gilda to send me there Dads school photos so husband Ken kindly scanned & emailed me them. James is marked with an X.

James looks possibly 10 or 12 on this Ocean Road School photo so I've dated it at 1908-10.

Barrington St after bomb damage WW2

The Caravan site adjacent to 'The Groyne' in 1956

Chichester roundabout in the days of the Trolley buses

Sorry but I've forgotten who sent this photo taken in Ocean Rd. please get intouch & I'll credit you.

Kevin Blair sent me this beautiful old photo taken of the Grey Horse in Whitburn 1909

The Marine Park in South Shields in the 1890s

Stan Wears sent this photo familiar to North East folk . The Spanish City in Whiltley Bay

Station Road in Shields 1879 when real horse power was our means of transporting folk & goods around

Brigham & Cowans docks which are long gone & new housing has taken it's place. The Dock is still there today as a feature.